Care Instructions

Care Instructions

I put a lot of love and care into making your earrings as hardy as possible, but they are still clay so please take care. Here are a few tips:

- Avoid water and leaving your earrings in direct sun.

- Please don't throw earrings in the bottom of your handbag!!

-Tassels are best stored hanging. Tassels can be groomed using a small amount of water OR carefully using a straighter if need be.

-There may be slight differences/ imperfections in some of our products! This is due to the fact that All products are Handmade. This is the best thing about handmade, every piece is unique to the next.

-Earrings that contain foil may tarnish and change over time. These are sealed to avoid this as much as possible but it can add to the beauty of them. Please keep this in mind when purchasing one of these products.